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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Cookbook Giveaway - Feb/06

Want a free copy of Vive le Vegan! (or, The Everyday Vegan)? Here's your chance!

A random draw will be made from the comment entries made on the Vive le Vegan! blog posts during the contest period. Any comment is eligible for entry, however profanities or crude comments will be deleted and ineligible. Otherwise, any comment is okay.

While comments more elaborate than "hi", "nice", "yum", "I want to win", "heeeyy", "huh?", or ":)" would be appreciated, these brief comments are of course allowed!!


1) Only one author comment per post is eligible. Each new post on the Vive le Vegan! blog allows you to submit another entry through a comment for that post. However, only one comment on any particular post is eligible. That is, if you add more than one comment on any one post, then just one entry is counted for that post. You can of course comment as many times as you like on any one post, however only one entry per post will be eligible for the contest.

2) Contest effective immediately, February 1st, 2006. Contest closes February 7th, midnight Pacific Standard Time. Comments to posts made during this time period are eligible for the contest, comments to posts made before or after this time period are not eligible. When a new post appears on the Vive le Vegan! blog during this period, any new comments made on previous posts during the contest period will be ineligible. Once a post appears, the time limit to add a new comment is open until another new post is made. At that time, the previous posts have expired to add comments that are eligible for the contest.

3) Contest winner can choose either copy of Vive le Vegan! or The Everyday Vegan cookbook.

4) Once winner is randomly selected, Dreena will announce that winner on the Vive le Vegan! blog. The winner will be asked to e-mail Dreena with his/her mailing address. If this winner does not e-mail Dreena within 5 days, another winner will be randomly selected.

5) Comments should not be added to this web page. Please add comments to new posts on the main Vive le Vegan! blog, effective immediately. (Any comments on this page will, however, be included in the contest entry. Duplicate entries for this date, February 1st, will not).

6) Contest open to residents of Canada and U.S. only.


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